Talons Heart

Talons Heart EPUB

Talons Heart
Talon Avery took one look at the new girl on campus and lost his shit. The renowned lady�s man is completely out of his element as he feels the strong pull from just that one look.All his life he�s heard the fantastical story of what he likes to call �the family�s curse�. The legend the men call the lightning zap. Supposedly the Avery men have some sort of enlightening ex

A Room of Rain EPUB

A Room of Rain
The narratives throughout Gary Fincke�s sixth collection of short stories contain newsworthy events that are chronicled secondhand: the shooting of a policeman, the murder of a house flipper, the firing of a teacher for punching a violent student, the accidental drowning of a gay man in a flood, and a fire somewhat accidently set by a juvenile smoker in a school.Despite th

Surviving Your Academic Job Hunt: Advice for Humanities PhDS EPUB

Surviving Your Academic Job Hunt: Advice for Humanities PhDS
This book shows job hunters how to train themselves to succeed in the humanities job market. They can study examples of the documents and work up answers to the questions posed in phone, conference, and campus interviews. They will also learn about bargaining for items such as subsidies, databases, and start-up packages. The book can be used by department job officers to t


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