Flotilla(Flotilla) EPUB

Flotilla is a book for young adults and fans of Juvenile Dystopian Fiction about the world that is coming to our oceans. Jim Westfield is a messed-up kid thrown into the anarchic community his father lives on where they raise fish on the ocean when they arent breaking the law. This is a world filled with strange and dangerous characters that threaten Jim and his family�s

Apocalypse Mom: Diary of an Ordinary Woman in a Not So Ordinary World(Apocalypse Mom Series 1) EPUB

Apocalypse Mom: Diary of an Ordinary Woman in a Not So Ordinary World(Apocalypse Mom Series 1)
�I admit it. I was one of those people who cheered when the hurricane turned in her direction, who watched disaster movies and read post-apocalyptic books by the dozens, and who secretly hoped for The End Of The World As We Know It. Now that it�s here, I feel kind of stupid. I�m not even sure why I�m writing this down, as it�s doubtful anyone will ever read it. Then again,

Blood Honor(The Day After Never 1) EPUB

Blood Honor(The Day After Never 1)
They said it could never happen - that the day would never come.They were wrong.Five years post-collapse, former Texas Ranger Lucas Shaw is surviving hardscrabble in a kill-or-be-killed wasteland. When an enigmatic young woman enters his life with a desperate plea, Lucas must face impossible odds and battle an adversary who will stop at nothing to destroy them. Lightning

Canyon(The Traveler 2) EPUB

Canyon(The Traveler 2)
CANYON IS THE ACTION-PACKED SEQUEL TO THE EXPLOSIVE 1 BEST SELLING NOVEL HOMEHE�S HOMELESS. HE�S ON THE RUN. AND HE WANTS REVENGE.Marcus Battle has left behind his home.Now he�s on a seemingly impossible mission to find a missing child. But can he balance that responsbility with his deep, primal desire to exact revenge on the men who destroyed his solitary existence?

Home Sweet Apocalypse: An Apocalypse Mom Story(Apocalypse Mom Series 3) EPUB

Home Sweet Apocalypse: An Apocalypse Mom Story(Apocalypse Mom Series 3)
We have shelter (the cabin), heat (wood-burning fireplace), water (well with a hand pump) and each other, so I know were lucky. But food is important too, and lately were always hungry. Theres no more stuffing yourself on too many potato chips�.man, do I miss potato chips.....Ellie Campbell and her family are back in this conclusion to the Apocalypse Mom Trilogy. The

The Zona EPUB

The Zona
The Storms came, and with them disease and blight like mankind had never experienced. Most died. Those who survived were quick to scramble for weapons, wealth, and control. Petty lords gave way to new societies. From the ashes of old came the Reformed Arizona Theocracy, or simply put, the Zona. Their laws are simple, all sins are punished swiftly and violently. The enforce

Last Woman(Last Woman 1) EPUB

Last Woman(Last Woman 1)
After emerging from a coma, Faye Wills opens her eyes to complete darkness and the feeling of being trapped. Soon she discovers she is in no less than a nightmare world and awakens in the worst place imaginable. She is one of thousands of bodies in a makeshift mass grave that was once a football stadium.Left for dead.There are no signs of life and the only sound she hea

Partholon EPUB

The Twin Towers are still smoldering when those odd little anthrax letters kill a few people in Florida and DC and New York. Some nutcase, everyone thinks, but theyre not - theyre a setup, a precursor to a massive biological attack that leaves the Northeast a quarantined wasteland.Campus policeman John Rashkil, trapped inside the Zone, chooses to keep doing his job, addi


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