Colby the Camel: The Tussle in the Castle of No-Bustle

Colby the Camel: The Tussle in the Castle of No-Bustle EPUB

Colby the Camel: The Tussle in the Castle of No-Bustle
Suitable for readers aged 6 and upThe evil desert pirate, Morbid Morton, unleashes a gang of fearless bandits to seize the Castle of No-Bustle. The king and queen are locked in a dark and creepy den while Princess Lille is ordered to marry Pirate Sven.Meanwhile, Pepperel, the royal parrot, finds help through our dashing hero, Colby the Camel. Alongside his buddy, Double-Hu

Fairy Tale Frankie and the Tricky Witch EPUB

Fairy Tale Frankie and the Tricky Witch
A little girl finds her house overrun with fairy tale characters all looking for somewhere to hide from the witch in this fast-paced and funny picture book that brings all of your favorite tales to life!Frankie loves fairy tales! And one morning she wakes up to find that all her favorite fairy tale characters have appeared in her house! From a princess to a king, a mermaid

Georges Marvelous Medicine EPUB

Georges Marvelous Medicine
Georges Marvellous Medicine is one of Roald Dahls most brilliant tales of naughtiness.Most grandmas are kind and helpful ladies. Not Georges grandma. Shes a grumpy and grizzly old grouch and George wants to teach her a lesson. So when its time for her medicine, George concocts a bubbling, frothing, marvelous mixture, which is guaranteed to send her through the roof .

Najljepse bajke svijeta EPUB

Najljepse bajke svijeta
SadrzajCharles Perrault : TrnoruzicaBraca Grimm : CrvenkapicaBraca Grimm : SnjeguljicaIvana Brlic Mazuranic : Suma StriborovaHans Christian Andersen : KresivoPerzijska bajka : Razcvetala ruzaArabska bajka : Aladin i carobana svetiljkaRuska bajka : Vasilisa PremudraHans Christian Andersen : Mala sirenaEngleska bajka : Riba i prstenCarlo Collodi: PinocchioKineska

Toby the Caterpillar: A Snapper for Supper EPUB

Toby the Caterpillar: A Snapper for Supper
Suitable for readers aged 3 and upToby the Caterpillar thinks that catching a fish is quick and easy. But he soon finds out that it takes time for the fish to bite the bait. Will Toby catch a fish before his patience runs out?Welcome to the world of Toby the Caterpillar! Combining delightful illustrations in watercolour with fun, amusing rhymes, this book will surely eli

Dragon Pearl EPUB

Dragon Pearl
Space opera based on Korean mythology.A standalone middle grade novel starring Min, a teenage fox spirit whose brother is missing and thought to have deserted the Thousand Worlds Space Forces in order to find the pearl of the title, an artifact that may have the power to save their struggling space colony.

Warning: Do Not Open This Book! EPUB

Warning: Do Not Open This Book!
CAUTION! This book contains monkeys, toucans, and a whole lot of silliness. You really shouldnt be opening this book.Im serious.Just put it back on the still reading this?Well, dont say I didnt warn you...It looks like a book, it feels like a book, and it even smells like a book. But watch out...madness and mayhem lie within! Debut author Adam

Surfs Up!(Go Girl!) EPUB

Surfs Up!(Go Girl!)
Kowabunga!� Lucy can�t wait to go on vacation with her BFF, Bonnie, and her family.� They�re going to stay by the beach, take surf lessons, and eat tons of junk food!� But the trip takes a nosedive as soon as they hit the waves.� Bonnie is a natural, while Lucy keeps wiping out.� Lucy doesn�t want to feel jealous, but she can�t help wondering�will they still be friends w

Gorila a ja EPUB

Gorila a ja
Hlavni hrdinkou knihy je osmileta Jonna, ktera zije v detskem domove. Reditelka ji nema rada a ochotne ji preda k adopci desive Gorile, ktera do domova jednoho dne prijede v otlucenem Volvu. Gorila zije na skladce a zivi se prodejem srotu. Jonna se nejprve Gorily boji, mysli si, ze ji chce snist, ale postupne se s ni sprateli. Ukaze se, ze Gorila � mimochodem horliva ctena

The Kingfisher Book of Great Boy Stories: A Treasury of Classics from Childrens Literature EPUB

The Kingfisher Book of Great Boy Stories: A Treasury of Classics from Childrens Literature
This handsome collection of carefully chosen and beautifully illustrated extracts celebrates favorite boy characters from childrens literature. A new generation of readers will be delighted and inspired by the antics and adventures of timeless heroes such as Tom Sawyer, Oliver Twist, Peter Pan, and Winnie-the-Pooh.

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