Love Is a Verb

Love Is a Verb EPUB

Love Is a Verb
Known for her wit and wisdom, Mary Ellen Edmunds writes about all the ways to show love, to give love, to be love. From the first chapter by the same title all the way through the chapter Charity Never Faileth, Love is a Verb is filled with charm and insight that Mary Ellen conveys through personal experiences she has felt, observed, and acted upon over the years. We lea

Your God is Too Boring EPUB

Your God is Too Boring
Some say, �Catholicism is outdated. It�s behind the times. It�s boring.� I say we�ve forgotten our story. It�s time to rediscover that there is genius in Catholicism. Christianity has captivated the world for more than two thousand years. Look a little closer, and you�ll see that it is the most dangerous and exciting thing on earth. Catholicism is a game changer. This book

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