The Phobia of Renegade X(Renegade X 4)

The Phobia of Renegade X(Renegade X  4) EPUB

The Phobia of Renegade X(Renegade X 4)
Damiens always been afraid of heights, but hes never been afraid of fieldwork or of being in the spotlight. At least, he wasnt before the gala�the one where his grandpa nearly caused a massacre and heroes from the League almost killed his best friend. Now he finds himself dreading the very things he used to love, and all he wants is to skate by in school, avoid fieldwor

Professor Incognito Apologizes EPUB

Professor Incognito Apologizes
Free online fiction from this reprint of Austin Grossman�s �Professor Incognito Apologizes: An Itemized List,� a short story from John Joseph Adams� recent anthology The Mad Scientist�s Guide to World Domination.�Professor Incognito Apologizes� is both a heartfelt mea culpa by Professor Incognito on the event of his beloved discovering his disturbing experim

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