Sex in the Sanctuary(Hallelujah Love 1)

Sex in the Sanctuary(Hallelujah Love  1) EPUB

Sex in the Sanctuary(Hallelujah Love 1)
From exciting new author Lutishia Lovely comes a steamy debut in the manner of Victoria Christopher Murray and Kimberla Lawson Roby. Set in a church community on fire for the Lord--and for each other--Sex in the Sanctuary is filled with scintillating sisters, playing brothers, and church matrons trying to run everybodys business... As first lady of Kingdom Citizens Chris

Loves That Bind EPUB

Loves That Bind
From one of Spains most distinguished novelists -- whom Carlos Fuentes has called the most inventive, most creative writer in Spanish -- comes an intensely erotic and shamelessly literary adventure through the streets, pubs, and tube stations of London.Emil, the mysterious narrator, has been abandoned by the woman he loves. Filled with doubt and nostalgia, bent on thera

The Devil That Danced on the Water: A Daughters Memoir of Her Father, Her Family, Her Country, and a Continent EPUB

The Devil That Danced on the Water: A Daughters Memoir of Her Father, Her Family, Her Country, and a Continent
This is an intensely personal autobiographical account of a childhood encompassing racial intolerance in 1960s Scotland, both the idyll and the political upheaval of Sierra Leone as it attempts to embrace democracy, and finally a family tragedy with national and international repercussions.

La inundacion EPUB

La inundacion
A quarante ans, Sophia na toujours pas denfant. Alors quun drame survient dans lappartement voisin, elle propose a son epoux dadopter lenfant du disparu, cette jeune fille ravissante devenue orpheline. Lhomme accepte cette idee sans entrevoir le desespoir silencieux de Sophia. Quelques semaines plus tard, malgre la presence lumineuse de la petite, Sophia demeure nou

Lovers in the Age of Indifference EPUB

Lovers in the Age of Indifference
The lovers in the age of indifference are tough romantics from every corner of the planet: a marriage splinters during a game of mah jong; a depressed fiancee is lifted by a mid-air encounter with a Hollywood legend; a mountain keeper watches over a lonely temple but is perturbed when, finally, a visitor dares to arrive.In this engagingly maverick collection of stories, wr

Alkusoitto EPUB

Vuoden 2008 nobelistin romaani on nuoren tyton aistivoimainen kasvutarina 1930- ja 1940-luvun Pariisissa Ethel Brun elaa lapsuuttaan 1930-luvun Pariisissa ymparillaan porvariston mukava elama. Vanhempien salongissa aikuiset puhuvat ajan ilmioista, Hitlerin ja Mussolinin noususta ja talouden lamasta. Kasvaessaan Ethel alkaa ymmartaa, miten uhkaavia voimia ajassa liikkuu. Pi

Japanese Portraits: Pictures of Different People EPUB

Japanese Portraits: Pictures of Different People
The private collections of longtime Japan resident and expert on modern Japanese culture Donald Richie capture the personalities of certain Japanese people--some famous, some unknown--with insight and humor.This extraordinary collection of individual portraits is perhaps the first book about the Japanese to view them entirely unhindered by the various theories about them�p

Los fantasmas EPUB

Los fantasmas
E la mattina dell�ultimo dell�anno, a Buenos Aires il caldo e soffocante, una squadra di operai e al lavoro in un edi?cio in costruzione e i futuri inquilini visitano i lussuosi appartamenti. Intorno a loro ?uttuano nell�aria alcuni fantasmi, uomini nudi cosparsi di calce che ridono a crepapelle dei discorsi dei proprietari del palazzo, ma solo i bambini e alcuni muratori

We Always Treat Women Too Well EPUB

We Always Treat Women Too Well
We Always Treat Women Too Well was first published as a purported work of pulp fiction by one Sally Mara, but this novel by Raymond Queneau is a further manifestation of his sly, provocative, wonderfully wayward genius. Set in Dublin during the 1916 Easter rebellion, it tells of a nubile beauty who finds herself trapped in the central post office when it is seized by a gro

Brothers(?? [Xiong Di] 1) EPUB

Brothers(?? [Xiong Di] 1)
When Baldy Lis mother marries Song Gangs father, the two boys become brothers. Although they are inseparable as children, their ambitions and personalities are very different, and become more rather than less pronounced as they grow into adulthood. Song Gang is thoughtful and serious; Baldy Li, meanwhile, is obsessed by sex (even before he fully understands what the act

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