Duchess, Bound

Duchess, Bound EPUB

Duchess, Bound
When Jocelyns guardian, who had previously turned her into his mistress, dies, she becomes the ward of his nephew: the new Duke of Rochester. The duke doesnt just take her under his wing, however--he marries her. As the mere daughter of a servant, shed never expected to become a duchess. It seemed an even more unlikely prospect than becoming the mistress of a duke. Upon

Sniper EPUB

No one can tell me I wont win. Im f**king built to take down opponents.Im the teams sniperI score hard and fast. On the ice and off.Most valuable player. Also the cockiest bastard.Theres never been a woman I cant have.They cant resist my rock hard abs and p***kOr my filthy smart mouth.Im a machine with my sights trained on the Cup.Until I see her. The girl

Only Pretend EPUB

Only Pretend
From USA Today Bestselling Author Nora Flite: If you hated your life-wanted to prove to the world that you could change-how would you do it? I had a plan. I also had no family, no friends, and definitely no jerk of an ex-boyfriend who thought I was boring. I was tired of being me. In Vegas, I could be anything. And then I saw him. His hungry smile wanted a taste of the new

Prince of Darkness: A Dark Romance Duology (Part 1) EPUB

Prince of Darkness: A Dark Romance Duology (Part 1)
Playboy. Billionaire. Heartbreaker.These were just some of the things people knew Greek graduate student Reid Chalkias as, but his greatest claim to infamy was as The Prince of Darkness � and it was a name he deserved, in more ways than one.Embracing the darkness allowed the prince to keep everyone at a distance�until innocent Fawn Cornwall started working for him.Without

Unattainable(Undeniable  3) EPUB

Unattainable(Undeniable 3)
Warning: This is not a virtuous and tender love story. Its chaotic, ruthless, and tragic. This story takes love and kills its innocence, steals away the pure moments, and crushes the hearts of the broken. A story born in childhood, tying one girl to one boy, leads to a destructive path-that hurts more than it doesnt, that shatters more than it heals-testing the love that


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