Poor Little Rich Slut

Poor Little Rich Slut EPUB

Poor Little Rich Slut
The girls got everything: good looks, wealth, a hard-won MBA, and yet, the heiress Eleanor Rule is floundering in her new job running one of her Daddys hottest trendy magazines. When her colleague, the sexy scoundrel Garrison Tate suggests its time the prim virgin got laid, she is shocked. And yet, Garrison has opened a door to Ellies kinky desires for exhibitionism, p

Defiance(Triple Threat 3) EPUB

Defiance(Triple Threat 3)
Archer, Zachary, and Jeremiah are hired to bring a full stop to a runaway blackmail scheme threatening to derail the K-Train Express�local football legend Kebow Trainer�s career. When the investigation turns over the rocks of Zack�s memories, he realizes there are a lot of different types of closets�and he reaches beyond the circle of his two lovers for help closing the do

24/7(The Subs Club 4) EPUB

24/7(The Subs Club 4)
We started the Subs Club to make the kink community safer for subs. Except now the others are so busy chasing their happy endings, it�s like they�ve forgotten what Bill did to Hal and the fact that he got away with it. They used to think I was betraying Hal�s memory by hooking up with the owners of the club where he died. Now they don�t seem to care about any of it anymore

Rae Falling(The Devilhouse 1) EPUB

Rae Falling(The Devilhouse 1)
One wild quickie with a sexy stranger will change Rae�s life forever.Rae Stone is majoring in psychology so that she can open a clinic for autistic kids, but when her scholarship is yanked because she failed an impossible statistics course, she thinks she�s out of luck and doomed to return to her poverty-stricken hometown. Because she has three weeks of college freedom lef

Breaking Cover EPUB

Breaking Cover
Home for six months after an undercover assignment at BDSM club Testing Leather, Homicide detective Brian Hurley cant shake the memories, or the feelings he developed, for undercover partner Griffin McManus.Griffins having his own problems in the aftermath of the job, and he shows up on Brians doorstep, hoping one last night together will allow him to put it all behind

Soft Focus EPUB

Soft Focus
Ethan Bouwer has always been the adventurous sort. A freelance nature photographer, he travels the globe and writes erotica on the side whenever things get a bit slow. Hunting for a topic for his next writing project, he stumbles upon a man named David Turner and the taboo world of BDSM. His curiosity piqued, Ethan discovers that David Turner and his beautiful partner Kiyo

Desire Unleashed(Desire, Oklahoma 9) EPUB

Desire Unleashed(Desire, Oklahoma 9)
Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEAJake and Natalie Langley�s marriage was perfect, or so she thought.But, something had changed�a distance that had never been there before.And she didn�t know why.Braced for the worst, she�s shocked at news she�d never bargained for.Hoyt Campbell was on his way, and he wanted to be a part of her l

Graceful Submission(Graceful 1) EPUB

Graceful Submission(Graceful 1)
Graceful SubmissionPlus-sized Grace Kinison lives a dull life. Shes a teacher and aspiring author who does nothing but work and then write on her novel. That is, until she becomes a cyber submissive.Grace has agreed to help her childhood friends husband plan her surprise birthday party. Grace thinks her fellow party planner, Toffer Shelley, is a writer on a TV show. Wh

Devoured By Doms(Doms of Destiny, Colorado 4) EPUB

Devoured By Doms(Doms of Destiny, Colorado 4)
Erica Coleman�s abduction unearths painful memories from her childhood. There are evil men lurking in the shadows, hoping to crush Erica and everyone in her hometown. Brothers Dylan and Cam Strange must save her from the killers and also from her past.Dylan�s own demons are ripping him apart from the inside out. He doesn�t believe he deserves someone as wonderful as Erica.

The Novice Dom(Loves Landscapes) EPUB

The Novice Dom(Loves Landscapes)
Dear Author,This is Reuben but most people call him Ruby. He�s my first real sub. I�ve been a sexually dominant guy my whole life (I�m only 26) but a friend introduced me to the leather/BDSM scene just a couple months ago and it was like coming home. I�ve had the privilege of training with a respected and experienced Dom I met at one of the local munches and he set me up w

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