The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul(Dirk Gently 2)

The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul(Dirk Gently 2) EPUB

The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul(Dirk Gently 2)
When a passenger check-in desk at Londons Heathrow Airport disappears in a ball of orange flame, the explosion is deemed an act of God. But which god, wonders holistic detective Dirk Gently? What god would be hanging around Heathrow trying to catch the 3:37 to Oslo?And what has this to do with Dirks latest�and late�client, found only this morning with his head revolving

Interpreter of Maladies EPUB

Interpreter of Maladies
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize.Navigating between the Indian traditions theyve inherited and the baffling new world, the characters in Jhumpa Lahiris elegant, touching stories seek love beyond the barriers of cultures and generations. In A Temporary Matter, published in The New Yorker, a young Indian-American couple faces the heartbreak of a stillborn birth, while their

El lector EPUB

El lector
Michael Berg tiene quince anos. Un dia, regresando a casa del colegio empieza a encontrarse mal y una mujer acude en su ayuda. La mujer se llama Hanna y tiene treinta y seis anos. Unas semanas despues, el muchacho, agradecido, le lleva a su casa un ramo de flores. Este sera el principio de una relacion erotica en la que, antes de amarse. Ella siempre le pide a Michael que

We Need to Talk About Kevin EPUB

We Need to Talk About Kevin
Eva never really wanted to be a mother; certainly not of the boy who murdered seven of his fellow high school students, a cafeteria worker and a teacher who tried to befriend him. Now, two years later, it is time for her to come to terms with Kevins horrific rampage in a series of startlingly direct correspondences with her estranged husband. Uneasy with the sacrifices of

La suma de los ceros EPUB

La suma de los ceros
Villa Miserias es una ciudad cualquiera de un pais indeterminado de America latina, y Max Michels es un hombre enfrentado al poder y su nueva ideologia: el �quietismo en movimiento�; un hombre en perpetua disputa con todas y cada una de las formas de la autoridad; con el amor de Nelly Lopez; y tambien con su propia cabeza, con sus propios y abundantes demonios.La suma de l

Stunt Road EPUB

Stunt Road
It seems too good to be true. When Pete McFadden invents his own system of fortune-telling, he doesnt really expect anyone to take it seriously. He cant imagine that it will become Hollywoods next spiritual fad. And he certainly never dreams that Horokinetics could make him famous. But it does. And when his creation becomes the battleground between a manipulative cult

Mr Starlight EPUB

Mr Starlight

Cala Ibi EPUB

Cala Ibi
�Sebuah novel yang memperkarakan hakikat nama, peristiwa dan cerita, maya dan nyata, diri dan ilusi, tapi juga memperkarakan kodrat kata dan bahasa itu sendiri. Bahasa, setelah dieksplorasi dan dirayakan, ujung-ujungnya ia kembalikan pada ketakberbentukan kenyataan, pada kesunyian, pada kekaguman: mistisisme linguistik. Novel ini adalah salah satu puncak sastra Indonesia m

Every Day is for the Thief EPUB

Every Day is for the Thief
A young Nigerian writer living in New York City returns to Lagos in search of a subject-and himself. For readers of JM Coetzee and Chimamanda Adichie.Visiting Lagos after many years away, Teju Coles unnamed narrator rediscovers his hometown as both a foreigner and a local. A young writer uncertain of what he wants to say, the man moves through tableaus of life in one of t

The Universe Versus Alex Woods EPUB

The Universe Versus Alex Woods
Alex Woods knows that he hasnt had the most conventional start in life.He knows that growing up with a clairvoyant single mother wont endear him to the local bullies.He also knows that even the most improbable events can happen - hes got the scars to prove it.What he doesnt know yet is that when he meets ill-tempered, reclusive widower Mr Peterson, hell make an unlike

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