The Kings Heir

The Kings Heir EPUB

The Kings Heir
It is the year 92 bc in the lands of the Nephites. Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah, determined to right the wrongs they had sown among the people, decide to serve a mission to the Lamanites. Aaron, though determined to answer the call of God, has some reservations. Will this mission cost him Sarah, the most beautiful girl he has ever known, or will she wait for him

Methods of Madness EPUB

Methods of Madness
Its been three years since the terrible night Emily Ramsey suffered a double tragedy-the death of her sister and the disappearance of her fiance. She deserves another chance at happiness and gentle, adorable Zach Sullivan is the perfect man to mend her shattered heart. But from the moment Emily opens the hand-carved box holding a glittering diamond solitaire, shes seized

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