Beautiful Pain(Three Irish Brothers 1)

Beautiful Pain(Three Irish Brothers 1) EPUB

Beautiful Pain(Three Irish Brothers 1)
My decisions were always wrong. I needed to get away from London, I wanted to start from scratch in Belfast, escape from the life that I didn�t want.Working for Probation Service for the whole summer was going to give me the experience that I needed. I always felt much better when I could help people whose lives were shattered.My parents told me that I wasnt ready and I

Part of Me(Jessa & Paxton 1) EPUB

Part of Me(Jessa & Paxton 1)
Part of Me , the latest New Adult romance from author, Haven Francis. Coming summer, 2014.Within minutes of meeting Jessa, Paxton already understood that he would not be able to let her go if he ever really let her in. Which is why he spent his year in her small Minnesota town playing nice and being her friend. Because Jessa�s future was in Chicago and Chicago was the cit

Wild at Heart(Untamed 4) EPUB

Wild at Heart(Untamed 4)
With his dad hell-bent on destroying him, Dares life hangs in the balance. Fearing the worst, Reagan rushes from Paris to New York, hoping to get to him in time, only to find their entire world collapsing around them.The threat is too real, risk too high, death too possible. Unfair doesnt even begin to cover it.Two wild hearts that belong together, trapped in a world try

Cursed(Cursed Superheroes 1) EPUB

Cursed(Cursed Superheroes 1)
Beautiful, popular, talented, and wealthy, Remi and her three best friends have always lived seemingly perfect lives.But at exactly midnight on the day when the youngest of her friends turns seventeen, Remi discovers nothing about her life, and her friend�s lives is what it seems.Beneath their beauty resides a deadly darkness tied to paranormal bloodlines.Remi is now curse

Love Is Relative(Defining Love 1) EPUB

Love Is Relative(Defining Love 1)
LOVE IS RELATIVE (Defining Love, Book One)When the one thing they want is the only thing they cant have, how far will Danny and Emily go to convince themselves that love is all that matters, even if it�s forbidden?When Emily Winters returns home she thinks she knows what shes getting into. Shes had three years to accept the fact that her former best friend/ love of he


A New Adult RomanceDid you ever fall in love with someone so completely that you forgot who you were? Like you cant breathe without them. Like youre two halves of a whole, and that nothing makes sense unless youre together?Jaime Alvarez always thought of himself as an ordinary working-class guy, so he was thrilled when he landed a job as a security guard at the Laurel

Escaped Artist(Untamed 3) EPUB

Escaped Artist(Untamed 3)
Dare Wilde is out. The McKinley family has ruined his relationship with Reagan for the last time. He�s in Amsterdam, staying with his rock star brother Dash, ready to move on with his life and get Ree out of his head.Finally, and for good. Problem is, he loves her.So when fate leads Reagan to his door again, the two must decide whether their new-found love is worth the ris

Public Information 2nd Edition EPUB

Public Information 2nd Edition
Freshly minted infantryman, twenty-year-old Wylie Cypher, arrives in war torn Korea in 1952. Every indication is that he has limited chances for survival. As an enemy bomber looms overhead, he prays that he can survive a sixteen-month tour of duty without, as his sergeant says, getting his ass shot off.Wylie is recruited to join the staff of a Division Public Information O

Burned(Fire Always Burns 1) EPUB

Burned(Fire Always Burns 1)
Sometimes the deepest burns are hidden from view... All 20 year old Holly ever wanted to do was escape the boring Colorado mountain town where she was born. However, when she arrived at college, she found herself having too many wild nights. Worse yet, she had one too many mornings of waking up in an unfamiliar bed, and she couldnt keep her scholarship. Now thats shes b

Dont Look Back(Warders of Earth) EPUB

Dont Look Back(Warders of Earth)
Five months since finishing High School, Tara has no direction in her life. She longs for a trendy lifestyle, far from the responsibilities of her crazy parents and their preoccupation with apocalyptic predictions.But what will happen if it all comes true?The hottest guy she�s ever seen blows into town, claiming he�s here to protect her. The tattoo on his nape reads: War

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