Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon EPUB

Harvest Moon
This is a collection of short stories by various authors. The maximum word count was five thousand words and the theme was �Paranormal�. We hope you enjoy it.

Strange Angels and Betrayals(Strange Angels 1-2) EPUB

Strange Angels and Betrayals(Strange Angels 1-2)
The first two books in Lili St. Crow�s New York Times bestselling Strange Angels series are published together in one volume for the first time!Sixteen-year-old Dru Anderson exploded onto the paranormal scene in Strange Angels�and fought for her life at a secret Schola for djamphir and wulfen teens in Betrayals. Perfectly timed to lead up to the publication of series final

A Taste for Red EPUB

A Taste for Red
A sixth-grade Goth girl who thinks she�s a vampire encounters her greatest nemesis when she enrolls at Sunny Hill Middle School in this hilarious and entirely original take on the vampire genre for middle graders.Svetlana Grimm has recently discovered she�s a vampire. The clues are all there: she can eat only red foods, has to sleep under the bed because of her heightened

Sunshine EPUB

A small-town baker uses her own magic to confront a post�vampire apocalypse world in this award-winning urban fantasy Neil Gaiman called �pretty much perfect.�Although it had been mostly deserted since the Voodoo Wars, there hadn�t been any trouble out at the lake for years. Rae Seddon, nicknamed Sunshine, head baker at her family�s busy and popular cafe in downtown New A

Endlessly(Endlessly 1) EPUB

Endlessly(Endlessly 1)
When Ashley walks into a shop run by the vampire, Verloren, they both get the surprise of their lives. Ash is about to learn that shes not just another pretty young woman, while Verloren is astonished to find himself falling in love. But how can a vampire love a human? And what if the human isnt as human as she seems? When Ashs true nature reveals itself, the entire pow

Initiation(Vampire Beach 2) EPUB

Initiation(Vampire Beach 2)
THE A-LIST BITES.Jason Freeman is getting the hang of DeVere Heights. Then life from his flyover past pays an unexpected visit in the form of his old friend Tyler. Jasons surprised � but psyched to see a familiar face.Having his friend around turns out to be a downer � especially when Jason realizes that Tyler is running from some kind of crisis. But Tyler isnt in on DeV

Alpha Mine(The Alpha Council Chronicles 1) EPUB

Alpha Mine(The Alpha Council Chronicles 1)
In the shadows of the night, there exists a band of warriors--a group of vampires, known as the Alpha Council. Their formidable leader, Stephan von Haas, has vowed to protect not only his kind but the humans existing alongside them. His duty comes before all else--until a sassy blonde saunters into his life.When a sensual, dark-haired stranger walks into Katrina Spencers

Immortal City(Immortal City 1) EPUB

Immortal City(Immortal City 1)
Jackson Godspeed is the hottest Angel in a city that revolves around idolizing Immortals like him. He grew up in the spotlight, and in less than a week hell become the youngest full-fledged Guardian ever. People around the world are lining up to pay for him to keep them safe. His lifelong dream of becoming a hero is finally within his grasp - and he cant afford to let th

A Change Of Heart (The Royal Blood Chronicles, 1) EPUB

A Change Of Heart (The Royal Blood Chronicles, 1)
Bullied his entire life, orphaned university graduate, Gabriel Harper, is bitten by a Royal vampire moments before sunrise, transforming him over the course of six terrible and exhilarating nights into a hybrid�human by day, vampire by night.Just as he learns to come to grips with what he has become, the Silver Legion�a covert, vampire-hunting organisation�kidnap him and

Ritual(Vampire Beach 3) EPUB

Ritual(Vampire Beach 3)
The A-list bites. Jason Freeman has gotten used to the fact that beneath its glamorous surface, DeVere Heights is full of unexpected secrets. And vampires. Then just when he thinks hes golden, hes attacked. With a crossbow.At first the attention Jason gets from his crush, Sienna, makes the wound almost worthwhile -- especially after she breaks up with Brad. But the cr

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