The Porcupines Kisses

The Porcupines Kisses EPUB

The Porcupines Kisses
Stephen Dobyns is one of Americas most respected poets; his manner is tart and often sardonic, his language tough, funny, yet at heart profoundly humane. In his eleventh book of poetry he pushes the boundaries of conventional collections, presenting an intriguing two-part volume. The first section contains ruminative prose poems, dealing with a man who is looking back ove

Postcard Poems EPUB

Postcard Poems

The Sun that Rose from the Earth EPUB

The Sun that Rose from the Earth
A young Rajput orphaned by the revolt of 1857, Beni Madho Ruswa travels many years later from Cawnpore to Delhi to get the divan of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib autographed by the great poet himself. Young Mir Taqi Mir, a rising star in the world of poetry, meets the first great love of his life, Nurus Saadat, an exquisite beauty from Isfahan. A tumultuous love affair follo

What Feeds Us EPUB

What Feeds Us
Lockward explores the feminine mystique in her second full-length collection of sensual and imaginative poems.

Hallelujah, Giant Space Wolf EPUB

Hallelujah, Giant Space Wolf
Poetry. HALLELUJAH, GIANT SPACE WOLF offers both an irreverent and sincere exploration of desperation and hope. Baileys poems pair the personal with the mythical and traverse many linguistic quadrants. SPACE WOLFs seamless transition from Lakers games and 40s to severed limbs and Jesus Christ offers a glimpse at the sanctity of chaos. With SPACE WOLF, Bailey tests danger

The Red Essay & Other Histories EPUB

The Red Essay & Other Histories

Selected Poems of Robert Penn Warren EPUB

Selected Poems of Robert Penn Warren
John Burts Selected Poems of Robert Penn Warren is more broadly representative of Warrens poetry than any previous such gartering. More than two hundred poems from every phase grace the volume, a vehicle ideal for sampling or soaking in the finest of Warrens rich output.With each poem. Burt has carefully located the version that constitutes Warrens final revision. His

Selected Poems and Translations, 1969-1991 EPUB

Selected Poems and Translations, 1969-1991
The road is what the car drinks/traveling on its tongue of light/all the way home. With lines like these William Matthews has created a body of work that stands alone in American poetry. Witty, sophisticated, yet lucid, his poems bring the reader refreshing insights into the everyday world of sports, music, wine, psychology, homes, pets, love, children, and literature. I

Does Your House Have Lions? EPUB

Does Your House Have Lions?
Nominated for the 1998 National Book Critics Circle Award for PoetryRecommended Reading from EmergeAn epic poem on kin estranged, the death of a brother from AIDS, and the possibility of reconciliation and love in the face of loss.

Sorry Were Close EPUB

Sorry Were Close
In an urban framework of love and sex and betrayal, these sizzling poems and scorching stories explore the inexplicable politics of human relationships while breaking open the boundaries of the hearts language.

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