Moon Scars

Moon Scars EPUB

Moon Scars
In his stories, in which high literature meets videogames and comics, and where Tarantino runs alongside the geometric nightmares dreamt up by Lovecraft, Angel Luis Sucasas goes against the flow of conventional fantasy and offers us the heightened vision of a powerful and singular imagination. Werewolves, revenge, unexpected love and dystopian societies in which Peter Pan

The Magic Pouch EPUB

The Magic Pouch
Cancer is everywhere! There is hardly a person among us that has not been touched by this deadly disease. It takes different shapes. None are good. Many are deadly. The effects of cancer go way beyond those who are afflicted with the disease. Family, extended included, as well as friends are effected. Our healthcare system is stressed trying to take care of, and find a cur

The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers EPUB

The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers
Ten-year-old Brandon Chambers is suddenly thrust into a national scandal when his father, a top-ranking captain in the U.S. Army, is implicated in a tragic explosion on the army base while spearheading a top-secret weapons project. During the aftermath, both his parents are labeled as traitors, and he�s haunted by visions he can�t understand.Brandon struggles through adole

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