Run to Win: Vince Lombardi on Coaching and Leadership

Run to Win: Vince Lombardi on Coaching and Leadership EPUB

Run to Win: Vince Lombardi on Coaching and Leadership
Vince Lombardi, whom many believe to be the greatest football coach in the history of the sport, is both a household name and an icon. He is not only renowned in the sports world, but also in business and industry for his exceptional leadership skills. In Run to Win, acclaimed author Don Phillips examines Lombardis famous coaching style by painting a picture of a fascinat

Catching Hell(The Diamond Brides 2) EPUB

Catching Hell(The Diamond Brides 2)
Anna Benson is an eager May to Zach Ormonds downright sexy December. At age thirty-seven, Zach is a veteran catcher in the last years of his contract, grateful for a no-trade clause that will let him retire a star in Raleigh. Twenty-five-year-old Anna has grown up in the Rockets front office; her grandfather has long groomed her to take over the team. When Zach final

Spikes: A Novel EPUB

Spikes: A Novel
At 26, Brian Schwan is washed up. Four years hacking away on third-rate golf courses across the South have produced a grand total of $19,000 in earnings, zero wins, and a string of spectacular tournament flame-outs. Hes just shot a horrendous opening round, his wife wants him to come home and start a family, and even his father, who dreamed of seeing his son a star golfer

Shut Up, Legs!: My Wild Ride On and Off the Bike EPUB

Shut Up, Legs!: My Wild Ride On and Off the Bike
Beloved German cyclist Jens Voigt isn�t a superstar in the traditional sense of the word. Although he won three stages of the Tour De France�and wore the yellow jersey twice�Voigt never claimed an overall victory. He became a star because he embodies qualities that go beyond winning and losing: sacrifice, selflessness, reliability, and devotion. European and American crowd

The Thinking Fans Guide to the World Cup EPUB

The Thinking Fans Guide to the World Cup
The Thinking Fans Guide to the World Cup features original pieces by thirty-two leading writers and journalists about the thirty-two nations that have qualified for the worlds greatest sporting event. In addition to all the essential information any fan needs�the complete 2006 match schedule, results from past tournaments, facts and figures about the nations, players, te

Football for Dummies(For Dummies) EPUB

Football for Dummies(For Dummies)
Updated to cover new teams, stadiums, and playersThe ultimate fans guide to football whether youre a player or spectatorWant to know more about football? Tackle the game with Howie Long as he delivers the complete scoop on rules, regulations, plays, positions, penalties, and more! Stay on the ball with expert advice on training, conditioning, and equipment, and meet to

The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan EPUB

The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan
Returning as an honored guest to the exclusive country club where he worked in his youth, Jack Handley remembers the summer of 46 when he caddied for Ben Hogan in the last Chicago Open. Now a respected historian, Jack recounts to the assembled sons and daughters of members he once knew the dramatic match between the mysterious and charismatic Hogan and the young club pro

True Believers: The Tragic Inner Life of Sports Fans EPUB

True Believers: The Tragic Inner Life of Sports Fans
Why do fans live and die with their teams? For Yankee, Cowboy, and Laker fans the answer is fairly clear: the return on investment is relatively high. But why do people root so passionately for tragically inept teams like the Boston Red Sox, the Chicago Cubs, and the Philadelphia Phillies? Why do people organize their emotional lives around lackluster franchises such as th

How to Do Things with Videogames EPUB

How to Do Things with Videogames
In recent years, computer games have moved from the margins of popular culture to its center. Reviews of new games and profiles of game designers now regularly appear in the New York Times and the New Yorker, and sales figures for games are reported alongside those of books, music, and movies. They are increasingly used for purposes other than entertainment, yet debates ab

Hook Up EPUB

Hook Up
Bad Boys Play TexasChris Texas JamesIm the fastest cornerback on the best team in the SEC, and my future looks bright. The NFL has ranked me in the top 50 overall potential draftees. I have to keep working hard to make it there.I drove home to El Paso, Texas to see my folks for a week before the start of senior year and Fall camp out in Baton Rouge. While

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