The Diaries(Gage Hartline 1)

The Diaries(Gage Hartline 1) EPUB

The Diaries(Gage Hartline 1)
He thought it was a routine surveillance job.They thought he was an ordinary citizen.Neither could have been more wrong.Propelled by the discovery of a set of mind-bending diaries penned by Adolf Hitlers unwilling lover, a deadly pursuit ensues across Europe. Chased is Gage Hartline, a former special operations soldier. Stalking him are the French mob, a rogue DGSE age

Rain of Terror(A Blacklick Valley Mystery 1) EPUB

Rain of Terror(A Blacklick Valley Mystery 1)
One night in early January, with dark clouds racing across a full moon that cast its ancient glow across the mountain top, they came. Clad in hooded black robes, carrying torches that blazed with evil fury, they came. With chanting�at first a distant murmur, then growing and building, louder and louder�incessant, demanding, hideous chanting, they came.Mother had been rock

The Delta(Sonja Kurtz 1) EPUB

The Delta(Sonja Kurtz 1)
Assassin-for-hire Sonja Kurtz is on the run. Kurtz, an ex-soldier turned mercenary, is given a high profile job�to kill the president of Zimbabwe. But its a set up, the assassination attempt fails, Kurtz has been burned and her exfiltration plan are in ruins. Kurtz now heads for her only place of refuge, the Okavango Delta in the heart of Botswana. Determined to lay low a

Roadkill EPUB

2am is Dead Hour, when the vast stretch of motorway is quiet; deserted apart from the body of a teenage girl, sprawled across the fast lane... Eighteen year old Caz is struggling to come to terms with the death of her older sister Rose, who died in a supposed hit and run accident. Caz is determined to find the driver who killed her sister, and discovers Rose was involved i

The Crucifix Killer(Robert Hunter 1) EPUB

The Crucifix Killer(Robert Hunter 1)
When the body of a young woman is discovered in a derelict cottage in the middle of Los Angeles National Forest, Homicide Detective Robert Hunter finds himself entering a horrific and recurring nightmare. Naked, strung from two wooden posts, the victim was sadistically tortured before meeting an excruciatingly painful death. All the skin has been ripped from her face - whi

Kill Chain(Evan Delaney 5) EPUB

Kill Chain(Evan Delaney 5)
When Evan Delaneys father disappears, the cops think hes fled the country to avoid prosecution. But Evan is sure hes been abducted or killed for reasons associated with his work for Naval Intelligence. As Evan hunts for clues, shes attacked by an armed man. The attacker ends up dead�and turns out to be a federal agent. Now Evan is on the run, implicated in his murder.

Rendez-vous EPUB

Simone, een 34-jarige vrouw waagt de stap om in het zuiden van Frankrijk een nieuw leven te beginnen. Samen met haar man en twee kinderen koopt ze een bouwvallig landhuis om op te knappen, erin te wonen en een deel ervan te verhuren als chambres dhotes. De werkelijkheid haalt de droom in. Ze raakt daarbij echter langzaam maar zeker de controle over haar eens zo georganise

Cobra(Benny Griessel 4) EPUB

Cobra(Benny Griessel 4)
At the start of this masterful thriller, a famous English mathematician is kidnapped and his two bodyguards are killed at a guest house in the beautiful wine country outside Cape Town. It�s clearly a professional hit, and the spent shell cases offer a chilling clue: Each is engraved with the head of a spitting cobra.Meanwhile, in the city, a skilled thief is using his tale

The Moses Stone(Chris Bronson 2) EPUB

The Moses Stone(Chris Bronson 2)
AN ANCIENT CODEA clay tablet covered in ancient writing is found by an English couple in Morocco. A day later they are dead, killed in a car crash. But where is the relic they died to protect?A SINISTER SECRETDetermined to uncover a secret thats endured for two millennia, Chris Bronson follows a trail of clues that lead him from the hustle of a Moroccan souk to the desert

Annabel Lee(Coffey & Hill 1) EPUB

Annabel Lee(Coffey & Hill 1)
On a farm fourteen miles east of Peachtree, Alabama, a secret is hidden--a secret named Annabel Lee. Her uncles last words before he hid her away: Dont open that door for anybody, you got it? Not even me.

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