Blood Money and Other Stories

Blood Money and Other Stories EPUB

Blood Money and Other Stories
Before he brilliantly traversed the gritty landscapes of underworld Detroit and Miami, the incomparable Elmore Leonard wrote breathtaking adventures set in Americas nineteenth-century western frontier�elevating a popular genre with his now-trademark twisting plots, rich characterizations, and scalpel-sharp dialogue.For every story of inspiring moral courage in Americas u

Lonely on the Mountain(The Sacketts 17) EPUB

Lonely on the Mountain(The Sacketts 17)
In Lonely on the Mountain , Louis LAmours solitary wandering Sackett brothers make a stand together?to save one of their own. The rare letters Tell Sackett received always had trouble inside. And the terse note from his cousin Logan is no exception. Logan faces starvation or a hanging if Tell cant drive a herd of cattle from Kansas to British Columbia before winter. To

The Wild Bunch EPUB

The Wild Bunch
Frank Goodnight had been tracking Theo McSween--the lowdown scum that left his sister high and dry--for weeks. All Frank could think of was putting the varmint six feet under, and he wanted the chance to meet him alone--man-to-man--and make him sweat blood.

Code of the Mountain Man(Mountain Man 8) EPUB

Code of the Mountain Man(Mountain Man 8)
Lee Slater and his gang of lowlife desperadoes didnt know that Smoke Jensen had given up his gunslinger status to become a family man. Stirring up a motherlode of trouble was their first mistake. Shooting Smokes wife Sally was their second. Chances are, theyre not going to live to make a third.

The Founding Father(Long, Tall Texans .5) EPUB

The Founding Father(Long, Tall Texans .5)
Novella first published in A Heros KissFor over a decade, New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer has won fans hearts worldwide with her tantalizing Long, Tall Texans tales. Now this treasured storyteller brings you the story of how it all began . . . Discover how legends were made when Jacobsville founding father Big John Jacobs weds the daughter of a prosperous

The Day of the Beast EPUB

The Day of the Beast
Lane, Maynard and Payson stand on deck as the ship glides toward New York, in the shadow of Liberty -- a war-weary trio of soldiers, home at last.Time has marked them, and the battles of France have left them disabled . . . but what awaits them on land, beyond the empty dock? Who will be there for them, at home? And will they ever be able to lead a normal life? (non illust

Nemesis(The Nemesis Series 1) EPUB

Nemesis(The Nemesis Series 1)
The fools killed his family...then made him a lawman. This wild and wooly western, in the Louis Lamore tradition, comes from renowned author L. J. Martin, whose over 20 novels have brought compelling reading to so many. McBain, broken and beaten from the Civil war, is reluctant to return to his family, as a snake dwells in his belly and he cant get the images out of his

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